Classic Cars Workshop

Our Services

The Classic Car Workshop provides the following services


Our classic car repair workshop is an establishment where classic cars can be repaired by our specialized mechanics and technicians.


Classic Cars Workshop has the necessary permits to bring parts into South Africa from anywhere in the world. This gives us the ability to source only the best parts for your car and if you enjoy fixing your own car, we can import all the parts that you need.


We administer the logistics of vehicles, where a car needs to be moved anywhere in South Africa. Offering both open and closed transport vehicles.

Project management (Consulting)

Stalling is avoided when we oversee the repair process of your classic car. Repair halts occur as a result of a number of elements, including priority, financial flow, availability of parts, and time management (of the repair garage). Time spent with the restorer allows us to define deadlines for various phases of the work. If finding spares is a problem, we can help you find them both locally and internationally.

Scope of specialized work